Probate Finder

The market-leading automated claim-filing, revenue-finding, organization-changing solution.

Find More Estates

Probate Finder OnDemand® searches the nation's largest probate database and proactively scrubs Date of Death certificates to identify estates with open probates.

File More Claims

Traditional claim filing often requires creditors to check many boxes before their claim is even considered, and no two probate courts are the same. Do away with requirements like weighted paper, multiple originals, or 20,000+ other variables and file claims with one click.

Increase Your Recoveries

Cost-effective strategy implementation allows you to maintain internal process ownership while controlling costs. Set controls to only file claims on estates that best fit your portfolio.

Probate Finder OnDemand® Drives Higher Performance at Every Stage in the Estate Recoveries Process

From creating a custom estate placement strategy with our team, to optimizng your estate recovery workflow, Probate Finder OnDemand® makes it simple for you to add accounts receivable and manage probate claims. Our secure workflow solution meets all of your probate recovery needs with easy-to-use administrative tools and support resources.

Date Of Death Finder

Early identification and precise verification of DOD ensures that your claims are filed before the expiration of an estate occurs

Dashboard Overview

Customizable charts display comparative performance of probate matches, probate claims, and probate payments

Implementation & Onboarding

Our internal experts take time to understand your organization and how to best maximize return on investment

Unmatched Security

Probate Finder OnDemand® is HIPPA compliant and certified to the ISO 27001, SOC1 type 2, and SOC2 type 2 standards

Technical Support

With a dedicated team and consistent customer satisfaction, our technical support engineers have deep industry and technical knowledge at hand.

Custom notifications

Receive email notifications when accounts move from one workflow to the next

Probate Finder OnDemand® Resources

Dive deeper into process optimization, treding industry topics, and best practices when using Probate Finder OnDemand®, with our dedicated resource center. Educate yourself and your team with OnDemand webinars, educational assets, and industry blogs.

DCM Services' resource library includes expert insight throught white papers, eBooks and case studies.

OnDemand Webinars

Thought-provoking webinars that deliver actionable insights, all in under 30 minutes. Watch anytime, anywhere.

DCM Services' resource library includes expert insight throught white papers, eBooks and case studies.

Educational Assets

Case studies, white papers, and eBooks available 24/7 for best practices on how to drive revenue growth.

DCM Services' resource library includes expert insight throught white papers, eBooks and case studies.

Industry Blogs

The Probate Finder OnDemand® blog is full of expert insight on trending topics, written by our highly-tenured team.

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